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Why have a home office? | Grand Junction, CO

Family can be a fantastic thing, or it can be a great challenge.  In my case, I have been blessed with a family worth fighting for.  I grew up with a mother who went the extra mile, always!  I grew up being doted on, in mostly a healthy way,  and my mother held down a full time job driving about 20 miles each way morning and evening.  My mother has always been my greatest supporter and has been there in some very difficult times in my life.

Years ago when her husband was dying of esophageal cancer and she needed support and later on, a place to live and some help getting moved back to Colorado I didn't bat an eye,  I drove to Farmington area, loaded her stuff on a truck and moved her to Grand Junction.

Some of you who have done business with Alpine for a number of years will remember when my mom worked in the office with us doing various accounting tasks.  Many people have commented over the years how she was so sweet to them.  I know I am biased, but I truly have never known someone to say anything ugly about my mother, she is a gem!

Well, the proof that we live in a fallen world became all to apparent when last year she was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  This was a real blow to us all.  Mom has unfortunately, progressed in the disease to the point where she now lives with my wife and I.  This February it will be the anniversary of Mom living with us for two full years.  She is now needing support and care on a level that requires my wife and I to be here at the home more.

Some of you may remember the office we had out at 2477 Commerce Blvd.  That was a nice office and we miss it, our home is a little crowded now.  🙂   But there have been a lot of advantages of moving the office to our home.  Our overhead is reduced substantially, the building we were in was very professional, but too far away.  Here's a picture of our office that was on Commerce Blvd.

So the answer to why are we running our business out of our home?  Because family counts!  It's my prayer that you will choose to overlook the fact that we don't have a fancy office space, although our office in the house is pretty cool.  And further that you would consider using Alpine Computer Solutions for any and all of your computer needs.

I have a bold ask for you.  Would you give us a shot at working hard for you?  Would you support someone who has made a decision to honor family above having a more professional office space?  Make no mistake about it, we still offer every service we have offered to Grand Junction these 23 years so far!  It's just packaged a little different, running out of our home.

Thanks for your consideration!


Daniel Ashurst