Guitar Lessons Virginia

Guitar Lessons VirginiaIf everyone that plays guitar took guitar lessons, Virginia would be a sweeter sounding place. Our beautiful state boasts an abundance of pickers, many of whom are self-taught. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many excellent guitarists have had few if any formal lessons. While this may work for some, players who wish to advance their musical careers would do well to avail themselves of a series of guitar lessons. Virginia is home to two of the finest music schools in the northeast area: Contemporary Music Centers in Chantilly and Haymarket, Virginia.

Contemporary Music Center is, as the name suggests, about more than just great guitar lessons. Virginia residents come to CMC for instruments, sheet music and accessories of all sorts. We rent instruments to students who attend our music classes or are learning at public school. We offer twenty seven rehearsal rooms and studios, too. When we called ourselves a music center, we really did mean it. If you are looking to purchase a Fender guitar and amplifier, we sell those. If you want a Spanish classical guitar, we sell those, as well. Whether you want a piano, a piccolo or a baritone saxophone, Contemporary Music Center is the best local place from which to obtain it.

Now about those guitar lessons in Virginia. Contemporary Music Center is proud to have such excellent music instructors on staff. Most of our music teachers are professional musicians themselves. For instance, Mr Dan Peterson of our Chantilly music school has been playing fretted instruments in military and civilian performance bands for nearly thirty years. Mr Peterson is entirely proficient at various stringed instruments, including banjo, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and dulcimer. You might think that his long military background would make him a strict teacher, but Mr Peterson is actually a very patient and congenial fellow. And, he loves to teach children and adults how to play stringed and fretted instruments. Another of our Chantilly instructors is Mr Doug Rainoff. Mr Rainoff has played guitar on more than ten albums and has even performed at the White House. Doug is well versed in classical guitar styles as well as jazz, blues and finger picking styles. If you take guitar lessons in Virginia from either of these teachers, you are sure to come away with an ability to hold a guitar in your hands and make it sing.

If you do not own a guitar, but wish to participate in guitar lessons in Virginia, we would be delighted to rent an instrument to you. If you are not one hundred percent certain that you will stick with your guitar lessons in Virginia, the rental option may be your best choice. Of course, all of your rental fees will be applied to the purchase of your instrument, should you decide to buy. Guitar Lessons Virginia