FCC Part 15B

FCC testing generally is used to test products to ensure uncompromising integrity, high-quality, and compliance with regulations. At Compliance Testing, we provide expert FCC Testing Services through our experienced staff that ensures electronic equipment complies with regulations and emission rules. We have done this excellently for over 50 years, and so we have the experience and exposure needed to understand and identify the relevant FCC Testing. Getting your product(s) certified is not much of a bother to us. We are leading in the Testing Business. Reach out to us and get your products certified. Not just our services are premier; we also have top-of-the-line equipment to assist with the test running and help achieve efficiency and accuracy while testing.

We've help manufacturers obtain various FCC certifications depending on new certification applications and changes in identification. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the regulatory body in Canada (ISED) have set standards to test products depending on the radio frequency they emit.

What does FCC Part 15B Testing Entail?

The FCC requires that all digital devices sold in the US meet the Unintentional Radiator Requirements of 47CFR Part 15B. The radiofrequency noise from a device not used for telecommunications is what is the Unintentional radiator. It interferes with and hinders smooth transmission in other devices, and therefore requires to be tested for unintentional emissions.

Interestingly, Part 15B is not new; it just hasn't been paid enough attention. It's said to be the most over-looked requirement holding accountable the "responsible" party to FCC enforcement. Conformity with the FCC 15B is shown through a self-declaration process or certification. In some cases, a grant can also be issued for a Part 15B Unintentional radiator. There's a Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), and though here, no certificate or documents are given to applicants, many people still opt in for it.

When introduced, a new requirement entails creating a "responsible party," which could be the manufacturer, assembler, or importer. The responsibility of ensuring compliance and testing of the equipment will rest on the responsible party's shoulders.

Who Are We 

For over 40 years, we've helped businesses grow their revenue and quickly get products into the global market. Compliance Testing is one of the best testing Companies that provide accredited, accurate and reliable product testing services for businesses.

At Compliance testing, we help to quicken up the process of getting manufacturer's products certified, helping you ease up the long, tedious and costly process. Using a State-of-the-Art laboratory, Compliance Testing provides manufacturers the opportunity to make use of advanced technology and electronics associated with today's consumer devices and electronic products to meet national and international standards. Our expertise in these services is unsurpassed!

Why Choose Us for FCC Part 15B Testing?

Compliance Testing is one of the finest Testing Companies you'd find. Our expertise in FCC Part 15B testing is unexcelled. We are an accredited testing service providing the ultimate testing services to clients to ensure they get certified. Reduction of risks, efficiency, and success is guaranteed with us.

Compliance Testing is the ideal testing company you need. Prompt and accurate service, automated testing and report generation, thousands of certifications, Engineers with over three decades in compliance testing, experience spanning over 50 years, and a lot more reasons are the reasons why we remain supreme and one of the tremendous forces in the Industry.

Compliance Testing is the ideal "man for your product testing." Contact Compliance Testing for certified and accurate testing: 866-311-3268.

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