Decentralizing Data

Decentralizing Data

Hashtag.Space is your gateway to the decentralized internet where your information and ideas are safe. If you're not familiar with decentralizing data and how it's changing the way companies are doing business online, we invite you to visit our site and have a look around. Explore the resources on Hashtag.Space, contact the company's CEO, Robert Bibb, and purchase your very first hashtag domain to benefit from the technology that's building the new Web 3.0.

Q: What is Decentralized Data?

A: The concept of decentralizing data is one that is new to many internet users, and it takes some time and patience to understand how it works and why it's advantageous to make the switch from a centralized internet to a decentralized internet. In a centralized system, your data is subject to being targeted for suppression; decentralized data is much more difficult to target.

Q: What are the advantages of decentralization?

A: Since a decentralized system doesn't operate form a single location, pieces of data are stored in multiple locations, yet remain connected with one another. Data processing is distributed between different nodes- an attack is virtually impossible.

Q: What are the disadvantages of decentralization?

A: Building and maintaining a decentralized system takes specialized knowledge and expertise, which can increase the costs of maintaining a system. For the decentralized internet user, these disadvantages are irrelevant.

Q: What is meant by Decentralized?

A: 'Decentralized' is the concept of maintaining operations from more than one server. On a decentralized internet, data travels among nodes in various locations that are working together throughout the system. The safety of data is significantly increased on a decentralized internet.

Q: Is a decentralized internet possible?

A: A decentralized internet has gone from a possibility to a reality within recent months. Hashtag.Space is your portal to the new internet, starting with unstoppable hashtag domains that allow you to move your existing website to the decentralized internet via your # domain.

Q: How do I register a hashtag domain on the decentralized internet?

A: Sign up for a free account on Hashtag.Space, then search for your company's name or corporate ID in the search bar. Reserve your hashtag domain name to prevent someone else from buying it out from under you. Business owners who are not yet ready to transition to the decentralized internet can hold their hashtag domain a a digital asset.

Q: How is security improved by decentralization?

A: To destroy data on a decentralized system, every node responsible for holding and distributing the data would have to be taken down at the same time- a situation that is virtually impossible since data is constantly being backed up on various nodes.

Q: Are there other advantages of working within a decentralized system?

A: Added security is just one of the numerous benefits of switching to a decentralized system. Decentralizing data increases the speed with which information can be accessed and significantly improves the reliability of data, as well. Scalability is enhanced, as a result of data distribution to other nodes.

Q: When should I make the switch to the decentralized internet?

A: The sooner you become familiar with the concept of a decentralized internet, the more able you'll be to compete with other businesses making the same exodus out of the centralized Web. The information can be overwhelming; take one step at a time, spend time every day learning something new about decentralized data, and reach out to Hashtag.Space CEO, Robert Bibb, with any questions.

Q: What is the first step in embracing a decentralized internet?

A: Secure your hashtag domain on the Hashtag.Space site, then research to deteremine which hashtag keywords and key phrases will benefit your business on the new internet. It may not be enough just to own your current domain name and link your current website to your # domain- smart business owenrs will want to prevent their competitors from stealing business from them. Take the following steps:

  1. Research keywords that are relative to your business sector
  2. Look into how hashtags can help with marketing campaigns
  3. Make a short list and a long list of potential hashtag domains for your business type, location, products, or services
  4. Purchase all hashtag domains on your short list
  5. Budget for hashtag domains on your long list over time

Consider investing up to $2,500 on hashtag domains to secure your business on the decentralized internet. All of your hashtag domains belong to you, can be renewed annually for $24.95 each, and can be set up as auto-resell if you decide to release them to other business owners in the future. For more information, get in touch with Robert Bibb from Hashtag.Space by calling 1.304.933.1944.