Calibration Management Software

Calibration Management Software

If you calibrate electrical instrumentation, then you probably already know that Prime Technologies calibration management software can completely automate the calibration process for you, improving throughput while managing test and measurement assets. However, if you calibrate mechanical or dimensional instruments, then there hasn't been a good solution for you up until now.

Prime Technologies is the leader in calibration management tools, and we have several stand-alone and cloud-based products to help you manage your assets. Our software gives users endless options for doing so.

Creating a Data Sheet

To create a datasheet, launch your Prime Technologies software, log in, and click on the designer to create a data sheet. Fill in the test description, test type, test value, the units, resolution, TUR, uncertainty, what the low limit is, and what the high limit is. Save it, and then type in which manufacturer it's for, which model it's for, and then save the datasheet.

This process takes less than one minute. Now that your datasheet is created, you're ready to calibrate. No pencil, no paper, no extra forms, no spreadsheets are needed. You're ready to go! Our datasheets resemble GIDEP and NAVAIR worksheets. They are easy to learn, and no programming is required.

Performing a Calibration

Now, you can calibrate an asset or multiple assets at once. You will select which assets or items that you are going to calibrate from the items you made in your datasheet. Enter in the Asset # of each item to be calibrated. You can calibrate as many assets as you want with the click of a button. One-by-one, you'll grab your unit, zero it, and calibrate it just like you normally would. Once you have a measurement, you'll type it into the respective unit on the datasheet and repeat for each asset. You may also measure for multiple test points or each asset.

If you have to go on lunch break, attend to other matters, or step away for a moment, Prime Technologies allows users to save partial calibrations, so the calibration doesn't have to be completed in one fell swoop. You can return to it later to finish the calibration.


  • Calibrate multiple items at once
  • Hibernate calibrations
  • Capture as-found and as-left data

Creating a Report

Once you create the calibration, you'll be able to generate reports at any time. All you do is click on 'Reports,' and choose the report of interest. You can print or print preview where the calibration report will come up on the screen. Reports can be accessed from any device or location as long as there is an Internet connection. You can download reports, email reports, or share them with other users.

The Prime Technologies search function allows you to search for reports, using a variety of filters to find what you're looking for.
You can compare calibration results, include TUR and uncertainty results, and create attractive reports. You can even do stickers and labels if you'd like. Of course, this is just scratching the surface of what you can do with Prime Technologies calibration management software.

Calibration Management Software